About London Escorts

For those who like to pay for sex, London has become a city where you can easily find both male and female escorts. The escorts could be located in certain premises within London while others choose to do their business online whereby they advertise their services on their websites.
The female escorts in London have different stories to tell. An escort who goes by the name Melina explains that she started escorting only because she was extremely curious about it and that she felt as if she needed more human interaction. She admits that when she was growing up in Portugal, she was slut-shamed but this changed when she came to London where she now feels liberated. In her escort job, she has interacted with clients in restaurants and pubs and through her webcam. She explains that she promotes herself as a girl next door, wears very light makeup and flat shoes or converse. She also narrates how she has encountered clients who request “something slutty” and she admits that she has no problem with that because she thinks it is fun to sometimes get out of one’s skin. You can find female escorts in London for a price as low as £150. However, the prices vary depending on the kind of services that you need.


Male sex escorts are also becoming common in London. There are a lot of lonely or sexually unsatisfied women in London who go out of their way to seek male escorts for a pleasurable experience. A London female business consultant who identifies as Gweneth Lee explains that she goes for male escorts because she loves sex but hates the baggage that most men brings into a relationship. She admits that women sometimes just want to get laid without the complications of having to listen to entire life stories of their partners. London male escorts appear to be much expensive when compared with female escorts as Gweneth admits to spending as much as £250 on a male escort for a period of two hours. She says that escorts are the better option for women like her because it is easy and uncomplicated and that you experience great sex. An Italian born Matteo DelToro, a male escort who lives in East, London explains that he advertises his services on various websites and in local newspapers. He explains that his work is more about entertaining women as he charges £100 per hour not only for sex but to also accompany women to the opera, theatre, and parties among other places.


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