Ways To Plan Your Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to your bathroom, it is important that you create a fun and relaxing space.  You will also want to make sure that your space is functional.  To put money into a bathroom renovation in lincoln ne without knowing what it is you want to do will not give you the best results.

Remove old fixtures

bathroom renovation in lincoln ne

The first thing that you want to do is remove old and outdated fixtures.  This will be your faucets, lighting and more.  Once you do this, you will also want to look at removing your toilets, sinks and mirrors. 

Gut it

When you start designing your bathroom the best thing to do is just gut it.  This means tear everything out and start from scratch.  When you do this, it may seem like a really large project, however, if you put the effort is cleaning out everything you will make the overall process easier and faster.

Do repairs

The next thing that you want to do is fix worn areas and do repairs.  One thing that you will do is fix the sub floor where you may also have to fix some structural areas.  Don’t fear this, it is normal and something you really want to do.  Once done, you know you won’t have any issues with your bathroom for at least ten years.

Inspect plumbing

You want to look at your plumbing as well.  You want to remove any lead pipes or outdared plumbing.  When you do this, you are avoiding leaks in the future and if any contaminants were found in your water they will soon be removed with new pipes.


You can also take this time to increase your lighting or even add natural lighting.  You want to have a well-lit area to handle your business as well as feel that the space is larger than it actually is.  No one wants to be cramped in a small space when trying to relax.